November 2017

NOVEMBER   2017  —Medical—The month of Dr Visits has arrived.   All prescription medications and over the counter meds have to be in-hand for 4 months.  Don’t want to pay an exorbitant  amount for an aspirin aboard ship.

Yellow Fever shot is a concern.   Everyone going on this cruise MUST have the shot or an exemption form from a Dr before boarding the ship or you will be waving goodbye to the ship as it sails away from Ft Lauderdale.   We need to talk our Dr into the exemption form (Seniors over the age of 60 can obtain an exemption) as the Internet warns about worse effects from the shot than from the actual disease.

Gathering needed items are a high priority this month as there are only 35 days left at the end of this month for our departure.

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3 Responses to November 2017

  1. helenebiegel says:

    The writer of this Blog would like to hear from someone as to the ease of use of this Blog.


  2. Don says:

    looks like a nice trip


  3. Marie Scott says:

    SOoooo, did you or didn’t you get the shot?
    What’s next on your to do list?
    So very excited and happy for the both of you.
    Safe Travels and Happy NEW YEAR adventures, Love ya, Marie and Bob


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