December 2017

December 2017 -Inoculations and Packing suitcases

The ouch ouch time has arrived. Walgreens is ready to begin immunizations of Tetanus and Meningitis and oral Typhoid pills. Yellow Fever is not an issue for us as we are ‘immunized for life’ with paperwork to verify it—-yeah!!

Packing 8 suitcases is another challenge. We began this process a few weeks ago and have developed a serious individual suitcase lists and a master list. As of this posting, we have two days to complete the packing. FedEx will be at the house for pickup on December 18th

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8 Responses to December 2017

  1. Asilverpod says:

    I like the idea of being immunized for life with paperwork. That’s less painful than the California way. Eight suitcases…are you planning on being away for a while?


  2. Dennis says:

    I am amazed there is enough clothing to fill 8 suit cases


  3. What an adventure! Pack as light as possible, you will end up going home with more than you left with.


  4. Stacy & Joan says:

    Packing is such fun, I just love doing it. The only thing I hate more is unpacking after the trip !!!!!


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