Peace Corps Project

Phase 2 of Peace Corps Family Album Project

In 2004, Helene and I traveled the USA collecting stories from Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. We did short interviews of over 1000 RPCVs.

On this world cruise, we are starting phase two of this project. We leave the USA and go international to some countries where the Peace Corps was active. We will be going on an Around the World Cruise, which will be following the equator.
We will be stopping at a number of islands and countries that hosted Peace Corps Volunteers and I will be wearing my Peace Corps Tanganyika IV shirt as advertising to see if I can find any locals that had contacts with Peace Corps Volunteers from back then to the present. It should be a very interesting trip.

This goes beyond a tourist vacation trip. One goal I have is to meet Host Country Nationals and ideally bring about a reunion between them and the returned Peace Corps Volunteers they worked with.


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  1. Joan Spencer says:

    A working vacation…..


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