Go ahead! Count them! There are 8 BIG suitcases for Fedex. Fedex will deliver them from our house to MS Amsterdam on January 04, 2018. At the end of our cruise April 28, 2018, Fedex will deliver these same suitcases from the MS Amsterdam to our house.




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12 Responses to Fedex

  1. Asilverpod says:

    Given your sartorial predispositions, I cannot imagine what you have in those pretty containers. Camera equipment? A gaggle of IPads? Toilet paper?


  2. Joan Spencer says:

    Wow, you have enough suitcases to go around twice…..


  3. Marie Scott says:

    Hope you have enough room in your cabin for those suitcases and everything in those suitcases. 😉


  4. Mike S. says:

    Here’s all we packed for a five-week trip that included 18 days on a Transatlantic cruise, then on to eleven cities on three continents before flying back home from England.


  5. This reminds me of a victorian era movie where a couple go off a grand tour of Europe.


  6. Glenn Mcmillen says:

    I spent the summer of 1984 in Spain. Only 1 gym bag plus a folding garment bag. Laundromats are available in beach resorts, but forget the interior. Dry cleaners charge by the piece, so leaving your underwear up to them gets expensive. Solution–carry some liquid soap and use the hotel wash basin. My summer included a lot of train rides to and fro. No advance hotel reservations in my case. You have to drag the bags around while you walk and search for a hotel room. Loved the simple life!


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