Meeting Strangers

A major goal of this around the world cruise is to meet people from around the world and hear their stories. To help us get conversation started with complete strangers, we will be using various age: geocaching, Pokémon, and Peace Corps shirts. If you don’t know about geocaching or Pokémon, Google them.



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5 Responses to Meeting Strangers

  1. Andrew A. Clark says:

    Hi, youall! And I hope that you are having a wonderful time and are getting settled into the routine of your surroundings and activities.
    A question – where did you get that green shirt in img 0074? ’64-’66 was T-5 and I’m one of those. I’m wondering if they are available somewhere?
    We are having a very, very white Christmas. About 6 inches of new snow and lots of packed snow and ice on the roads. With all the people traveling and some not accustomed to dealing with the slippery roads that have been some very bad accidents.

    Love to you both and “carry on in good form!”


  2. Barbara Wallk says:

    Merry Christmas, Helene & Ernie! I’m thinking about all the light shows we visited together in Florida and how special you made the holidays for Mel and me. I wish you well as you travel to exotic places around the world. So happy to be following the equater with you!
    Best of health and joy in 2018 to a couple of hi-tech wizzes.
    Love & hugs, Barbara


  3. Patricia says:

    Wow! What a start: a sense of humor, great writing and super photos. I’ll give this an A.

    Shall look forward to each and every post. Have a fabulous voyage!

    Bon Voyage


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