Grand Cayman

Saturday 01/6/2018

Awoke to warmer temps outside. Drank morning coffee on our deck——delightful!!!!! A few white caps appeared as we came closer to the Cayman Island.

Yesterday, our Captain reported that we may not be able to tender into Grand Cayman due to the cold front also affecting this area. We shall see.

Realized why the muscles in both of my legs are complaining. Bottom drawers are sitting on the floor so in order to open the bottom drawer, it is necessary to stoop over or kneel down. It’s the getting up that is more difficult for me thereby putting more strain on the leg muscles.
Another slight problem is the step up to get into the bathroom. Everything in the hallway and room is level except that one short step into the bathroom. Already tripped once and I have a bruise to prove it.

As the first tender boarded cruisers, the skies opened up. Fortunately, it was a short squall. Eventually, we made our way to the Lido deck to have a bite to eat before boarding a tender for the trip into Georgetown. There are 4 cruise ships hanging out in the deeper part of the ocean, which means many tenders going to and from pier to ships.
It is an overcast day and as we boarded our tender at noon, the skies opened again up to give us a nice rocky, wet ride to the pier. Thankfully, the rain stopped before we disembarked the tender.
Georgetown was jammed with tourists. Ernie and I took a long walk one way up the street and then the other way down the street. Two hours later, we decided we had enough stores and crowds and it was time to to return to the peace of the ship.

Amsterdam tenders waiting for passengers.

‘Sail Away from Georgetown Party’ is beginning. We toast all of you with a G &T.


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5 Responses to Grand Cayman

  1. Patricia says:

    Absolutely there are differences and your muscles will let you know about them before you realize it! Worth the learning process, though! Enjoy your sail to the Canal.



  2. ymongue says:

    You’ll get your sea legs in more than one way!
    Keep the stories coming.


  3. ymongue says:

    Enjoyed the photos too


  4. Dennis says:

    Last time we were in Georgetown there were 5 ships. So crowded we only lasted half hour before returning to ship


  5. Thanks for the updates!


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