Sunday January 7, 2018

Got ready for the captains reception in the Queens auditorium where the captain introduced his entire staff Drinks and appetizers served.
Our dinner began at 5:30 PM. We feasted on a triple surf dinner(3 lobster tails)

I woke at 5 AM to an unusual sound and eventually determined that it was our wall clock going backwards one hour. We are now on central time.

Slept well despite the creeks and groans of the ship rolling in the waves.


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5 Responses to Sunday January 7, 2018

  1. ymongue says:

    How beautiful to wake or rest with such an infinite vista
    Beats meditation in a tent in 101 degrees for me any day
    Keep the news and photos coming
    Love the story


  2. T G says:

    I was able to find Panama Canal web cams and watch the MS Amsterdam pass thru the locks on both ends of the canal


  3. thanks for the posts!


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