Sea Days Synopsis

Day 8-Thursday 1/11/2018 – At Sea 1

Clocks were set back one hour this morning. Our clock cannot go backwards so it went forwards at 4:24 AM until it came to 3:24.

So far, we spotted a few very small leaping fish and some small birds skimming the top of the water. The ship is some 300 miles from Panama after 24 hrs. According to my calculations, we need to make 481miles per day to reach our destination in 8 days.

Daily activities:

10:00 overview of upcoming Ports of call.

11:00, we listen to various speakers on things related to our ship, interesting facts about the places we will visit (Herman Melville -Moby Dick author) and other sea topics.

2:00, there is usually a presentation specifically related to the Port we will be visiting next.

There are sooo many activities throughout the day it is necessary to pick and choose your favorites. In the evening, there is always great entertainment with featured guest performers.

In between the activities of the day, you might find a moment here and there to read or just observe the ocean, waves, clouds.

Day 9-Friday 01/12/2018 – At Sea 2

With coffee in hand, we waited for sunrise on the back deck. Sadly, too many clouds interfered.

I did my walking exercise-
first by climbing stairs from 3rd floor to the 7th (am winded — not good),
second by walking around the ship (it taken 3 ½ times around the perimeter to do 1 mile. Walked with Ernie the first mile and then he got my 3 wheeler and I completed 2 more times. Hope to do this every day.

Day 10-Saturday 01/13/2018 At Sea 3

Clocks turned back one hour (Denver time). This time, Ernie saw the clock go ahead this morning at 4:24AM and stop at 3:24.
No sunrise–too much cloud cover

Very nice lecture on the Isles of the Pacific. Kainoa, a native Hawaiian and former Cruise director gave us a better understanding as to how the Polynesian peoples settled Island after Island, landing on Hawaii as the most northern Polynesian Island.

We did not do much today and took two naps. We may still need rest after those 6 weeks we were both sick and had to do house closing and packing.
Weather was on the cool side. Not much of a sunset.

Day 11-Sunday 1/14/2018 At Sea 4

Watched a few pods of dolphins hunting from our side of the ship–needed binoculars to see them.

Attended the talk on the Island of Rangirora.. No tour here. We have decided not to do a tour of the first Island of Nuku Hiva and instead walk around the area as you can’t go far. Also, we found out there is a Geocache nearby. Two of the officials from our tour company (CSI) are here and told Ernie how to get to these geocache sites.

Lunch was special for today. It is called Buffet Lunch. We were placed at a shared table and met 6 other people. This 3-course Buffet was was unusual in that we were given a set menu and got a small piece of everything on the menu. There was no getting up to serve yourself as we were waited upon.

Took a short nap after lunchtime. Noticed the ocean during lunch— absolutely smooth, not a ripple on it, just long wide shallow swells—-definitely the doldrums. After nap, winds must have picked up as there are small disturbances on the surface.

As we waited for sundown, a pod of dolphins swam very close to the ship. And, just as the sun set, we saw the green flash.

Day 12-Monday 01/15/2018 At Sea 5

Today, we are ½ way thru our Pacific voyage and have 4 more days to go before we reach land.

Sunrise was supposed to be at 5:32 so we got up at 5:00. It was still very dark at 6:00— someone made a big mistake. Am thinking 6:32 is sunrise but it was too heavy a cloud cover. Temps are much warmer with that cloud cover. Also see a few white caps–a bit more swaying side to side.

Morning talk on what to do and see in Papeete, Tahiti. I would like to go to the Market and we will do so when we get back from our tour around the Island. We don’t leave this place till 5AM the next morning because our next stop is the next Island–very visible in the distance—Moorea.

Black& Silver Masked Ball. Actual Ball begins at 9:30 and ends at 10:15. Everyone was given a mask. We did do one dance–other ones were a bit too peppy for us and dance floor was very crowded. At 10:15, out came the Chocolate Surprise goodies trays–liquid chocolate and all kinds of decadent treats (and we tasted every single one of them—all self control went out the window). Music was still playing when we left about 10:30.

Day 13- Tuesday 01/16/2018 At Sea 6

Time change —gained an extra hour-now on Pacific time.
I woke up to terrible pains in my hip joint. Could hardly walk without intense pain– not in ankle, but in hip. Was wondering if I slept incorrectly on the hip last night. Am using walker in the room and that makes my steps tolerable.

Our 10:00 presentation today will be ‘what to see and do in Moorea and Bora Bora’. I will attend that program on the walker.

No breakfast this morning due to no self control last night. I will have a banana, pear and orange. We will attend a lunch with people from Cruise Specialists. Was able to walk to dining room without assistance. I think the aspirin kicked in.

Lovely afternoon on our deck watching the waves and swells and looking for sea life too. It is so delightful to be outside listening to the waves as we pass by. Sky is clear of clouds on starboard side with sun shining in the distance ahead of the ship–we are heading west, south west. So far, sunset looks good.

Had light dinner on Lido deck and then headed to entertainment.
It is called “Majority Rules”—It is not how much you know, but how many people agree with you. Absolutely funny. People work in teams and must get the answer to the question down on a piece of paper quickly, race up to the front to hand it in and sit down quickly. Last man sitting gets to come to the front and dance to some music. Then the results are read—risqué answers to a question like—-‘”What would you find in a single mans wallet”? The majority answer wins–absolutely hilarious.

Day 14. Wednesday 1/17/2018. Sea Day 7

Both of us awoke with light coming thru the window indicating sunrise soon and it was a bit after 5:AM— (we thought sunrise was to be at 6:00 ish). Hurriedly, we dressed, got coffee and were sitting on back deck when our sun appeared over the horizon mixed with clouds at 5:23.
‘Land Ho’ is coming ever so close to Nuku Hiva– will be there Friday, early AM.

Attended the Lecture with Kainoa on the Polynesian Lei–customs attached to it and what it represents. Very interesting. Makes you realize there is significance to the giver and receiver of a lei.

Day 15. Thursday 1/18 2018. Sea Day 8

Today is the last full sea day on our traverse across the Pacific.
Sunrise–5:18. Lots of cloud cover but a few breaks made it a neat experience.

We have a full day.
9:00—South Pacific deck sale– will see what is for sale.
10:00–what to do and see in Rarotonga and Niue—-very informative about these Islands. Ip Each one is a tender port.
11:00— An introduction to the night sky. We learned how to find the southern cross. Must go back outside at 11PM to actually see it.
1:00—- GoPro seminar. Great talk on the new GoPro—- Ernie bought the latest model as he uses it constantly and I thought it was a good purchase too.
2:00– Kainoa talks on Polynesian nobility. He is absolutely a good lecturer when it comes to the history of Hawaii. Really enjoyed what he had to say.
6:03—-sunset and again clouds on the horizon
7:00—-wine and appetizers for Cruise Specialists before dinner. We are not going to dinner because we are still full since lunch. Also, ernie confirmed what I had been aware of for a few days—my legs are swelling due to too much salt intake and I have not been drinking water .
8:00—decided at the last minute to go to a late dinner where we met more people
10:00-10:45—singers and dancers perform

Am thinking early to bed (is 11:PM early to bed?) because we want to be up at the crack of dawn to be able to yell (softly) –Land Ho!!!!!


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3 Responses to Sea Days Synopsis

  1. What an adventure! So good of you to post this, can’t wait to hear more!


  2. Dennis says:

    Love seeing “ the green dot”. Bummer about the hip.


  3. Bob Proctor says:

    It was a long time w/o hearing from you! I was hoping you weren’t Lost-At-Sea 😉

    Tell us about your Internet service (if any) while at sea, and tell us about your cabin, and where you tucked away all of those suitcases. You guys are having too much fun!


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