A Major Highlight

A major highlight of our around the world cruise has been our visit with Andrew and Molly Marx. Andrew is a vascular surgeon doing good work in South Africa.

I thought they lived in Cape Town so I emailed them telling them we would arrive in early April.

They replied: fine we are looking forward to getting together with you.

What I didn’t realize is that they lived in Pretoria about 1000 miles north of Cape Town.

And they don’t let distances get in their way.

They took a train to Cape Town and we have just finished a marvelous three days together traveling to the Cape of good hope, visiting wine country and other sights and scenes from the Cape Town area.

Last night the four of us enjoyed a talk from Bishop Desmond Tutu on board our ship. He received an award from our cruise line.

Our reception in South Africa has greatly exceeded our expectations.

Ernie & Helene

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  1. Dennis says:

    Nice story


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