we are on the last leg of our around the world cruise leaving the Bahama area heading towards Fort Lauderdale. These three waterspouts just dropped down out of an overhead storm cloud. We have to get through their area to get to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow morning our final destination.

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9 Responses to Waterspouts

  1. Andrew Clark says:

    Hi, Ernie and Helene – and good to hear from you.
    You mention “these three waterspouts” and I presumed you were referencing photographs … but I could not find any photos. Do you have??? I’d love to see them.
    Best regards – and welcome home!
    Andrew & Barbara


  2. Dennis says:

    Wow, what an ending to your adventure. Get back to the safety of The Cove.


  3. Dennis says:

    Well welcome home. As an FYI Rob and I will be at The Cove November 7-28 and again for the month of February. See you then. Dennis


  4. Barbara Wallk says:

    Your “waterspout” looks like a tornado. Get home safely! And let us know when you arrive at the Cove.
    Love, Barb


  5. Dennis says:

    Great see you at The Cove, btw do not have an email address for you. Send it to me at

    Naturaldennis@aol.com. Thanks dennis


  6. ymongue says:

    So cool you get home on Jack’s 8th birthday!
    The party continues


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